Let’s talk aggressively about aggression in the workplace.

If you want to understand what microaggressions really are and their cumulative effects, think of being shackled to your job as a restraint, and each drop of water as the drumbeat of continuous interpersonal aggressions of any magnitude. Then watch the video (above) to the end.

Laws and rules are useful for managing behaviors. But language can be equally effective for managing norms, values, attitudes, and even controlling actions and masking real problems. We use linguistic tools like passive voice and euphemisms as ways to avoid assigning accountability and confronting the unpleasant reality of certain realities. So doing, we…

Sandeep Mathrani

In the early 1900s, psychologist Jean Piaget put forward the idea of the 4 stages of child cognitive development. He named one stage “Object Permanence.

That is the faculty of awareness that things continue to exist even when they cannot be seen or heard. Parents quickly learn that if you place a toy under a blanket, a very young child who has achieved object permanence knows it is there and can actively seek it. Until then, the child behaves as if the toy had simply disappeared. It’s why children can have such fun when parents play “Peek-a-Boo!” with them. In…

Would you benefit from an affordable, accurate, and professional 360 Degree Assessment?

InclusiveWorks® Assessment Center

InclusiveWorks® operates an online assessment portal utilizing Plumeus/Arch Profile, pre-eminent worldwide providers of psychological assessment products and services to human resource personnel, therapists, academics, researchers and a host of other professionals around the world.

A continually expanding battery of assessments and new features has been a hallmark of the service since its inception in 2002. The development and support for the assessment center is comprise of a dedicated team of psychologists, test developers, researchers, statisticians, writers, and artificial intelligence experts.

The battery of profile tests are used around…

InclusiveWorks® is seeking to attract a reference list of published reports and studies showing clear superiority in business performance, including and especially profitability, process gains, quality of decision-making, and overall market and financial performance of the business, government, or nonprofit organizations directly attributable to one or more planned, implemented, monitored and reported Diversity & Inclusion programs.

The documented results can be pretest-posttest, direct comparisons to competitors, comparisons to industry or market averages (including indexes), or, in the case of new market entrants, revenue/profitability growth rates, market share/saturation growth rates, consumer/client preference/awareness rates and any other specific key success indicators that…


The Cannibal King was feeling poorly, fatigued, headaches, digestive problems, and more. So he made an appointment to see the tribal Witch Doctor.

“I’ll run a few tests,” said the Doctor. The results should be back next week.”

During the follow-up visit, the Witch Doctor reported the results.

“Well, Chief, you’re going to have to change a few things. You’ve got high blood pressure and a slight LVE. Your BMI is over the top, you’re about 80 pounds overweight and you’re wheezing like a grampus. Your cholesterol is through the roof. …

Needs Equilibrium Reconsidered: Copyright © 2019 — Robert D Jones — All Rights Reserved

It’s More Than A Notion

“Safety” as an ecosystem is a pervasive concept in the physical realm of human activity, primarily applied to the protection of human life, health, and property, as discussed in my earlier articles. The universe of technical discussions and components of safety at tactical levels reflects a wide array of midrange approaches to safety in a variety of disciplines, while the sheer number and diversity of safety ecosystem depictions and models reveal a complex topic, both broad and deep.

In recent decades, the term of art “Psychological Safety” emerged, then stuck the landing in the 1980s workplace when the sweet spot…


This worker recognized and assessed the problem. He had the skill, strength, and technique to accomplish the task. He demonstrated the determination to get the job done quickly. He’s even dressed for success, looked the part, appearing every bit like exactly the man you’d want for the job. Can’t help but wonder if the problem was the presence of the camera and the distracting thought that an otherwise routine task might become something more than just the mundane fall of a rotted tree in remote muddy…

Star Trek: Episode Whichever


If Ikea’s brainwave machine wasn’t feeling the love oozing from customer neurons, then they wouldn’t let customers buy their $500 art rugs.

Yes, neuroscience has leaped from tricking you into buying things you don’t need or want, to preventing you from buying what you do want. It’s not enough just to want it. You have to LOVE it, or “NO SALE.”

How long do you think it will be before HR straps the metal lightning rod helmet on you during the interview to see if you LOVE the job, or you merely want the paycheck…

Van Jones, CNN Commentator

We often hear that young people need to see ones who look like them in roles to which they can aspire. Often, that is only true if young ones have limited views of who or “what” they are. It isn’t merely the exceptionally talented person who becomes the “first” to break through a traditional barrier or a ceiling, or the first to achieve a feat. It is the person who has a more comprehensive view of who they are as a person, not just as a “type.”

Teaching young people about their “diversity” is fraught with characterizations of classification and…

Rob Jones

A career spanning public, private, and nonprofit sectors. High-level management experience across a range of activities in F-500 companies and Consulting/Coach.

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