European Leadership: Equality vs. Universals

Rob Jones
1 min readJul 27, 2022

When I spotted this post from a group called “European Leadership,” my jaw dropped. For even the neophyte student of history, the most amazing aspect of this post is that it is so blatantly NOT the historic European leadership gestalt (i.e., form or shape) that it constitutes the highest irony.

SMH. Seriously.

It leads to a simple (but not easy) question.

The idea of universal right/wrong collides with the idea that all humans are equal and can therefore determine what is right or wrong for themselves. The problems begin to radiate outward from that collision of two fundamental ideas.

What you see in the picture, folks, represents history’s center of the moral and legal universe for humankind. History’s biggest question has been, “Who gets the right to determine the standard for what is right and what is wrong (good and evil — Gen 3:5)?”

Can that right to decide right from wrong at scale reside with humans and coexist with the right to fundamental equality?

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